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Teach Kids How to Count Backwards

2015 November 5



Counting Backwards Video and Song


“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!”

Every kid loves pretending they’re a rocket launching into the sky, but there’s more to that simple countdown than meets the eye. First of all, counting backwards is not as easy to as you might think. For young children who have only relatively recently learned to count forward, counting in the opposite direction can be somewhat tricky. But given plenty of opportunities to practice, most kids feel comfortable counting down by the time they finish kindergarten.

Counting Backwards Video


Learning to count backwards enables children to identify numerical patterns and more fully understand the relationship of one number to another. Teachers and parents who introduce and reinforce this skill are building a perfect foundation for children to learn the more complex mental math techniques that will be necessary in their future.

Because the concept and skill of counting in reverse can be a little difficult to grasp, it’s vitally important to engage kids in a variety of fun and motivating activities that build their confidence. Using your fingers is one of the easiest ways to get started. Having that clear visual cue helps children develop the mental pathways required to understand the theory and obtain the ability. While fingers are always handy (did I just say that?), really anything can be used to give a visual representation. Toys, books, pieces of fruit, …. just look around.

Printable Worksheets, Templates, Video, and Song – PreK-Gr1


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Using the power of music is also very effective in helping kids learn challenging skills like counting backwards. Songs and music videos enable young children to practice counting down while giving them strong visual and auditory links their brains can replay whenever they need to. Not to mention the fact that including music in the process makes everything a lot more fun.

Counting down can be used almost anytime kids need to transition from one activity to another. Whether at home or in the classroom, a count down makes even the simplest things more exciting. With a little creative thinking, chances to hone the skill of counting backwards can be found all around.





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