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Friday Freebie: Printable with Instructions for DIY Cookie Sheet Magnetic Activity Board

2015 August 28

Kids Cookie Sheet Activity Board



Boy playing with Billy Gorilly and friends on cookie sheet magnetic activity board


This magnetic activity board is easy to make and fun for kids.
Great to keep the little ones busy while on a road trip or quiet time at home.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Cookie Sheet (check out the dollar store to save money)
  2. Magnetic Tape
  3. Clear Contact Paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Printer with white card stock or regular printer paper
  6. Billy Gorilly and Friends printable
    (find the links to printables at the bottom of post)


Supplies for Magnetic board



Print out the background and characters on regular or card stock paper.
For best results print the background using borderless printing.

Billy Gorilly and Friends Magnetic Activity Board Template

Use clear contact paper or laminate to make cutouts and background long-lasting.
Cut out each of the characters.


Cut pieces of magnetic tape and apply to back of characters and background image.

pieces showing magnets
That’s all there is to it. Your activity board is ready for fun play.

Billy Gorilly and Friends Magnetic Cookie Sheet Activity Board

Great to use on Road Trips

Boy playing with Billy Gorilly magnetic activity board in the car

–>Download and print the background image

–>Download and print the character images¬†


Quick links:

Friday Freebie Billy Gorilly finger puppets

Billy Gorilly Website

Billy Gorilly Kids TV



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