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Fishing For Hearts – DIY Game for Kids

2016 January 25


Fun Valentine Game for Kids

Fishing For Hearts

Fishing For Hearts - DIY game for kids


Great Activity to Develop Hand-Eye Coordination

A very simple enexpensive DIY game to play with the kids. Kids develop hand-eye coordination while having fun.
Perfect for Preschool-Kindergarten



Use Chenille Stems to Play Fishing for Hearts



Step 1: Make the Chenille Stem Hearts



  • Chenille Stems (qty. depends on how many hearts you want to make)
  • Pencil (1 pencil for each child)
  • Recycled box (optional)

Grab some chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners) and form some hearts. Use a pencil and a chenille stem to make the fishing pole. Here is a quick video to show you how.



Step 2: Have Fun Playing Fishing For Hearts

There are really no rules to this game. One way to play is to put all the hearts in a box. Use your pencil fishing pole to catch the hearts and pull them out of the box one by one. Add some excitement by timing each player.



Play fishing For Hearts

How Many Hearts Can You Catch at One Time?


Game for Kids 2-6


Use your imagination to come up with your own Fishing For Hearts rules. 

>Pick up a heart without moving any other hearts.
>Using the fishing pole only, see who can pick up the most hearts at one time.



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