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News Release: Billy Gorilly Musicartoonio for Early Learners

2014 August 20

Flying Kitten Music and Kingman Publishing are excited to announce the release of the new Billy Gorilly musicartoonio “Months of the Year”. The animated video is the first in a series of miniature movies for early learners, that combines the catchiness of a music video with the silliness of a kid’s cartoon. Within a four minute time span, Billy and his pals entertain and educate children about months, seasons, calendars, and even a few quirky bits pertaining to the number 12.

The video was written, produced, and directed by the husband and wife team of John & Tamara Maellaro. The true labor-of-love brings into clear focus the artistic vision of both the Maellaros and executive producer Charles Hardman. Being leaders in the field of children’s educational entertainment for more than a decade made them perfectly suited to create the strikingly fresh mix of smarts wrapped in fun. The incredible talents of illustrator/designer Joshua Perry were also enlisted to give the video its unique and beautiful look.   The official release date is set for August 21, 2014. The video will be available at Billy Gorilly Kids TV on YouTube, Vimeo, and

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Keep Smiling, Singing, and Learning
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John and Tamara Maellaro



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