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Kids Routine Chart & Clean-Up Song

2013 January 28

Routine Charts Help Kids Know What is Expected of Them




Routine Charts can help preschoolers learn what is expected of them and in what order they should be completed. This can help with transition meltdowns and frustration for both of you. For example, if a child learns we wake up, make the bed, eat breakfast, wash face, brush teeth, get dressed… it will help your day go much smoother.

Pre-readers can look at a picture along with words on the Routine Chart to learn what to do next. There is no perfect way to make a routine chart. You can find lots of examples around the internet, or get a free printable template of Billy Gorilly’s chart at the end of this post.

What really matters is the chart reflects the needs of your family or classroom. Routine Charts can be especially helpful for homeschool families that want to keep a consistent schedule. Parent or teacher, Routine Charts can help pave the way for a calm day. Routine Charts also help children learn time management skills.


Divide Your Routine Chart Into Sections




Dividing your Routine Chart into sections for morning, afternoon, and night will help kids learn what to do at different times of the day. If you’re making a Routine Chart for the classroom you might break it down into before lunch and after lunch sections.

Tip: Consistency is a key factor in making a Routine Chart work. If you follow the schedule one day, and then don’t come back to it for a week the children/child won’t think it’s that important.

Use Songs as a Cue for Tough Transitions

One of the big struggles parents and teachers have, is getting kids to stop what they are doing, and start cleaning up so they can move onto the next task or project. Songs are a great tool to use to set the stage and let kids know when it’s time to clean up. We wrote this song at the request of a teacher, but it would work at home just as well. Children will get used to hearing a specific song and know its time to stop what they are doing and start picking up. It will become a routine! It doesn’t mean they won’t grumble, but they will learn what is expected and that is half the battle.

Here is a sample of a “CLEAN UP SONG” for kids.

Click the arrow on the player to start the music.

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Clean-Up Song@″ captions=”by Billy Gorilly;”]

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Make it Easy to Adjust Your Routine Chart

In real life things change, so it’s a good idea to use a Routine Chart that you can easily modify without throwing the whole thing away and starting over. One way to keep your chart flexible it to use labels attached to the chart using velcro as shown in the picture below.


Kids Routine Chart


Using Velcro to attach the labels makes it easy to add, or remove labels from your routine chart.

We added pockets to our Routine Chart to hold extra labels for things that you don’t do all the time. It also gives you a perfect place to store the labels if you choose to remove a label each time your child completes a task.



Routine Chart label holder



Use Pictures and Words for Pre-readers 

If your child does not read yet you can use pictures to help them. Cut pictures from a magazine then let your little one glue them to the chart or label.

You can also use clip art and a word processing program to make your own personalized labels for your chart.


Kids Routine Chart

Customize Your Routine Chart to Fit Your Needs

Everyone has different needs as far as routines are concerned. Your chart can be a simple piece of paper with words written on it, or an elaborate Pinterest worthy masterpiece, the choice is yours. It all depends on how much time you want to spend making your chart.


Kids Routine Chart

Print Routine Chart Template


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What do you think about using a Routine or Chore chart? Do you use a reward system? If so, what kind of rewards do you use. Don’t be shy your comment may help someone else.

Keep Smiling, Singing, and Learning
And You Can Make Everyday
Simply Splendiferous!

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