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  Billy Gorilly's Podcast For Kids • Episode #24
Tuesday, Nov 9, 2010

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Family Pets
Wendy sings "There's A Tiger Living At My House". Find out what she is really singing about.

Billy Gorilly and Timmy Talk About Dog Care
Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. Billy Gorilly and Timmy discuss how to take care of a dog. Timmy also sings a song about his pet dog named Skip.

Printable Activity and Coloring Pages
> Fun Facts about Cats — Cat Care
> Coloring — Wendy with her Cat
> Fun Facts about Dogs — Play Puppy Dog, Puppy Dog

> Coloring —Timmy with his dog Skip

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There's A Tiger Living At My House
My Dog Skip

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The Billy Gorilly Podcast for Kids is perfect for ages 3 years-up. Billy Gorilly And the Candy Appletree Family sing songs, teach interesting things, and tell stories. Kids can listen and learn from the cartoon characters looking forward to each new episode. Each podcast is 10-15 minutes long. Look for our podcast in the iTunes Music Store. Make each and everyday Simply Splendiferous with Billy Gorilly.

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