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Teachers, Librarians, Homeschoolers, and Involved Parents. To find out more about
Billy Gorilly's 39-page "Educational Resource Kit" read on

I don't want to read
I just want to download my free resource guide now so I can see what all the hoopla is all about.

A little about this educational guide and why we made it.
We made this educational e-book to go along with Billy's music cd,
"Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family".
This free downloadable guide is very cute with lots of pictures
This guide will make your job of adding music and activities into your child’s education easier.
Kids will learn while having fun as they listen to Billy Gorilly's music while working on the activities.
"Teeny-Tiny-Flower arrangement", "La La Limbo", "String-A-Ma-Jig", "Billy Bucks". Hmmm, what could these things be?
This kit is available for free so everyone can enjoy it.
You have nothing to lose by downloading this e-book. We won't even know who you are, because we don't ask.
We want to give you a chance to fall in love with Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family. Our goal is to create quality, wholesome, fun, and educational music for kids to enjoy. We love our fans and look forward to new ones.
Where can I buy the music? CdBaby Go Now!
"Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family"

Resource Kit + Billy Gorilly Music = Lots of Learning Fun

Download your Free "Educational/Story Time Resource Kit" to go with Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family music cd.

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teach your children well

Story time is a magical time. It is a time when children are learning, listening, reading, building confidence, and being inspired as they make discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

Creative educators have long recognized the benefit of using music as a teaching tool. Young children are able to grasp even the most complex ideas when rhythms move their feet and melodies dance in their mind. Expanded vocabulary, factual information, inter-personal skills, and strong moral values are all easily presented through music. Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family make it a breeze to add music to your story/learning sessions. With 16 songs to choose from you are sure to find a theme that will fit your needs.

Themes include:
•Imagination • Friendship • Animals • Nature • Self-confidence
• Planning ahead • Physical activity • Dealing with disappointment • Pets
• Companionship and Loyalty.

Filled with plenty of new ideas, activities, facts, and fun all in one place, it will be easy to plan a great lesson. Children will laugh and learn as they do the “La La Limbo”, make a “Teeny Tiny Flower Arrangement”, or use “Billy Bucks” to play “Even Steven”. In this kit you will find a brief description of each song, a list of possible themes, and many other games, crafts, puzzles, and poems to help you make learning come to life.

Now every story time can be Simply Splendiferous.

How to use this resource kit

We have created this resource kit to enhance the learning experience of young children. Your 4-6 year olds will enjoy listening to the entire CD for pleasure, just as well as hearing parts of it during a guided story/learning session.

Buy Music CDThis guide can be viewed “on-line” or downloaded as a .pdf file; you can print in full or part. If you will be printing the entire book and plan on using it often we suggest printing on heavyweight paper; inserting the pages into plactic page protectors to store in a binder. This makes a nice presentation and allows you to easily flip though the pages as you plan your lesson. When you want to make copies just slide the clean page out and make your duplicates. When you are done put the original back into the binder, ready for next time.

We hope you will turn to this resource kit often, and we welcome your feedback. For questions or comment please contact us at Contact Us

This resource kit was designed for the
"Billy Gorilly and the Candy Appletree Family" music CD

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Download free resource kit to go along with CD

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Music for kids
16-song CD includes 24-page lyric booklet with colored pictures

Making your story hour fun, entertaining, and informative will be easy with the help of BILLY GORILLY AND THE CANDY APPLETREE FAMILY.

The all New Children’s Cartoon Characters feature;

*    a friendly blue gorilly - BILLY GORILLY
*    a nerdy owl - OWLTON W. HOOTLEY
*    a little girl with a big imagination - WENDY
*    a little boy with lots of heart - TIMMY
*    a Latin parrot - PABLO PARROT
*    a Diva bat - BETTY BAT
*    Betty Bat’s backup singers - THE SINGING MICE
*    House Mouse, Country Mouse, City Mouse, and Mousie

BILLY GORILLY AND THE CANDY APPLETREE FAMILY encourages kids to experience the world around them. Songs and stories, filled with good clean fun will put smiles on their faces while they sing, learn, and use their imagination to make everyday Simply Splendiferous!

Children will be entertained as they learn interesting educational material while listening to songs like MRS. OPOSSUM, HOPPING TOADS AND JUMPING FROG, BIRDS, FLOWERS, and A WALK IN THE WOODS.

Four of Aesop’s fables have been “tuned” while the song DINOSAURS is an energetic rap that takes kids on a lollapalooza joy ride back to a time when “lizards, big lizards, really big lizards” roamed the earth.

THE CLAPPING SONG is a join-in-the-fun exercise song. Fact is, kids can join in and sing or dance anywhere throughout the CD just for the joy of it.

Imagination is the theme for the songs THERE’S A TIGER LIVING AT MY HOUSE, and I have MY VERY OWN ZOO.

When your story hour topic is loyalty, friendship or the companionship of a pet,
MY DOG SKIP is the perfect choice.

BILLY GORILLYis new and exciting. Kids from two to seven (and some even older) love this CD. It doesn’t disappoint.

For additional support and information, please check out our website at We have FREE downloadable puzzles, coloring pages, recipes, and sheet music.

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