Lyrics to the promotional version of
"Make A Splash"

Splish, Splash, we're havin' a Bash
Shout it out to everyone you know
Come on we're singin'
Bing, Bang, Ring-a-Ding Dang
Time to Make a Splash, here we go

Make a Splash at your library
Dive into all the fun
There is so much to do at your library
Just ask your friendly, kind librarian

Make a Splash
The fun can start as soon as you walk in
Make a Splash
Just visit us and we'll help you begin
Come on Make a Splash
You'll love the way you're welcomed from the very start
Make one great big cannonball splash
You'll be glad that you decided to take part
There's a pool of fun and knowledge waiting there for you
You'll be thrilled at all the fun things you can do

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